Our jobs

Customer Service

The role of the Customer Service department is to assist our members. It is available to answer all questions in six languages (French, English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian).
You will be responsible for one or more user language communities depending on your skills. You will primarily handle requests by email and ensure both that customers are entirely satisfied and that the website is secure (compliance with our general terms and conditions of use).
You will also contribute to the evolution of our website by taking part in our improvement projects and translating texts and messages from French.


Internal Sales

As an internal salesperson you will be responsible for identifying and developing sales opportunities, for prospecting potential members and for ensuring the loyalty of existing members.
You will also contribute to preparing sales/marketing actions together with the marketing and product teams.


Web Marketing Specialist

You will help implement and monitor a digital marketing strategy for the development of our e-commerce platform. You will identify, monitor and analyze changes in the marketplace, trends and the competition.
You will be responsible for optimizing the visibility of Delcampe websites and services on digital platforms (SEA, SEO and SMO management).
You will also ensure that messages are sent to our members.


Web Writer/Chief Editor of the Delcampe Magazine and the Delcampe Blog (Web Writer / Magazine Editor)

You will be responsible for designing and creating the Delcampe Magazine and the Delcampe Blog.
In addition you will write, adapt and format many texts (website, emailing campaigns, advertising, information newsletters, press releases, etc.).


Accounting & Administration

Your duties will require versatility and include administrative and accounting management for Delcampe and the websites (entering payments, invoicing, member refunds, etc.).
You will also take part in organizing company activities (team building, general meetings, etc.).


Human Resources

As a HR generalist and internal prevention adviser, your focus will be on employee well-being (integration of new employees, skills development, work and relaxation area set up, well-being meetings, etc.).
You will also manage payroll together with a social security office.
You will organize all aspects of recruiting, from applicant screening through their integration in the company.


Product Analyst

As a functional analyst, you will contribute to the analysis and description of business processes for new Delcampe website functionality and to improving existing functionality.
You will ensure that specifications are complied with throughout the entire development cycle.


Business Analyst

You will work at the intersection of our two units and proactively manage, centralize and analyze rules, data, statistics, KPIs, and consumer and prospect needs.
You will participate in ROI analysis and forward the information to the departments.
You will also play an important role in maintenance (ticket prioritization) and in testing new website functionality.


Product Designer

You will manage the development of markup screens and ensure graphical consistency and ergonomics across all digital media.
Your creativity will enable you to propose innovative visuals which will differentiate the website from its competitors.


Web Integrator

Starting with markups, you will create functional, multi-platform (responsive design) and multi-browser models (adaptive design).
You will provide upstream support to the Design team (advice about technical feasibility) and work closely with the technical team, and particularly, with the front-end developer.


Web Developer (PHP/Symfony)

You will play a key role within the development team for the design and creation of new functionality and applications.
You will also manage website maintenance to ensure that it is stable, fast and comfortable for site members and for your Customer Service colleagues.



You will provide operational, financial, administrative and human management for one of the company’s units.
You will listen to your employees and be able to take quick decisions in a multifaceted, constantly evolving environment.
Experience with cross-department functions is required to implement the company’s strategy by translating it into clear and concrete objectives for your teams.