Our Mission and Values

Our mission

Delcampe’s corporate strategy is based on the mission it set for itself: to provide the best online services to collectors around the world. Service to collectors is our priority.

Our main activity consists in offering a quality interface to ensure that our customers can buy and sell collection items easily. To accomplish this, we have developed high-performance search tools, synchronization tools and mass sales tools to simplify their transactions.

Our Customer Service department (six languages) and the website’s member moderators review all items to ensure that they are located in the right category on the site. They remove items on a regular basis when they don’t meet the criteria of our charter. The Customer Service department also handles questions from members and assists them in the event of a dispute.

Thanks to the forum, newsletters and collection blogs, Delcampe members not only belong to a marketplace, but they are also part of a community. That’s also what we mean by “providing the best online services to collectors around the world”.


Our work is governed by our values

Our passion reflects that of our customers and our own. It gives us energy and helps us surpass ourselves in everything we do.

Creativity is an essential value of our business. We’re always looking for new ideas to improve our services and offer innovative functionality.

Our search for excellence in our work pushes us to provide high-quality and easy-to-use services and products to our members, who trust us.

The human touch is also very important to us. We treat our members with respect and put a premium on conviviality in our exchanges with them, and among ourselves. The Delcampe team is a very tight-knit and dynamic group.

Our integrity ensures that are we are clear and transparent in our communication with our internal and external interlocutors.

All of these values are indispensable for the successful accomplishment of our mission. They drive every employee on the Delcampe team. As a result, we recruit new employees very carefully.